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Desperate Hope

In the western part of the world, we negatively look at desperation. Many times, we think that if a person is desperate, there is something wrong. That isn’t true in other parts of the world. In England, there is a worship group called “Desperation.” I really like their worship. This band and the church they attended were part of a movement of God that touched that nation and Europe. It was my privilege to minister with some of them in Poland.

Desperation is not a negative thing. Many times, it is the very thing that leads us to God. What is desperation? It is not depression, but it can lead to depression if not channeled by hope. I remember times in my life when I wanted a change desperately. To be honest with you, I pray that that never changes. The greatest challenge of believers is the same challenge that the church of Laodicea had. They were comfortable where they were at. They were lukewarm, and God spit them out of His mouth! If believers don’t become desperate for God, they will not experience what God has for them. Desperation is the catalyst for growth as long as it focuses on the Lord, who is the truth and the only living solution to our desperation.

I thank God for what is happening around the world. Some are calling it revival, awakening, and spiritual renewal. I call it desperation for God. It is only the beginning and is not an end in itself. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6).

The two words that Jesus uses to describe these people are words of desperation. Jesus also tells us the outcome, and these hungry and thirsty people will be satisfied! The Greek word for satisfied means to eat one’s fill. It was used to describe a person who has eaten until they are full and desires no more.

People are getting desperate. The danger we have is what we look for to fill that desperation. The enemy of our souls will give us false filling if it keeps us from God. For many people, especially Christians, those false fillings are their experiences with God. The devil will give you experiences with God as long as those experiences are what falsely fill you and not Jesus Himself.

The church in Laodicea had experiences with God. They saw miracles and an outpouring of God’s Spirit. The problem is they became satisfied with the experience, and we then see Jesus standing at the door of the church, wanting to come in and be with them. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying! I love what is happening at Asbury University and other places worldwide. I love the experiences I have personally had with God. I also realize that experiences don’t last, and they don’t fill the place that only God can fill.

We, as believers, need to be like the woman with the issue of blood. She was desperate. She had spent everything she had looking for a cure for her sickness. She was an outcast in Jewish society because of her diseases. She had lost everything, but that desperation led her to Jesus! Many Bibles say that she touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak. The Greek text actually shows that her encounter with Jesus was much more desperate. It says she grabbed his cloak. She was desperate, and she was healed. She got what she was desperate for.

What are you desperate for? For another experience? For revival? Are you desperate for God? Does He consume your thoughts, actions, and motives? That is my goal, my desperation. I am not satisfied! I am desperate! I pray you are, also.

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